Carry Cots for the leading buggies to make prams.

Carry Cots

Most buggies are suitable from birth, but should you like the idea of junior being totally flat for the first 4 to 6 months of buggy use, then a carry cot is the way to turn your buggy into a pram system. Carry Cots from Mountain Buggy, Baby Jogger and EasyWalker.

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Mountain Buggy Swift's rear facing Carry Cot simply clicks onto the buggy frame so your baby can sleep on the go.
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Baby Jogger City Select Second Seat Kit 2012 will turn a single Select into a baby jogger select tandem.
Baby Jogger City Select Carry cots, you can have one or two on the Select to make a twin tandem travel system.

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The Mountain Buggy Swift carry cot is a cool clip on and off carry cot for the swift buggy.
£132.99 *

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