Babasling baby sling Midnight Black

Babasling baby sling Midnight Black

Product no.: Babasling baby sling Midnight Black

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The Babasling Sling is one of the most versatile baby-carrying or babyslings on the market. It enables you to choose from no less than 7 different positions to suit your needs.

It will see you through the development of your baby or babies from birth to independence. Unlike upright carriers the Babasling puts no unnatural pressure on a babies developing spine. Actually, many health professionals recommend the hammock-style of the Babasling over frontal carriers for correct spinal development in infants. Breast- Feeding with the Baba Sling is simple, convenient and discreet giving you the freedom to feed your baby while on the go.

It is ergonomically designed to maximise your comfort and support and protect your child.The Babasling has a unique buckling system that enables you to simply unclip the sling without disturbing your peacefully sleeping baby.The sling is so simple to use that it can be shared with grandparents, older siblings, friends and even baby sitters.The sling is both practical and also looks good on both men and women

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