On Target Infant Toilet Training Balls (2 Pack)

On Target Infant Toilet Training Balls (2 Pack)

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On Target Infant Toilet Training Balls designed to give children a point of focus, and us dads. The on target ball named 'Max' aims to help avoid those little spills by encouraging children of all ages to go-on-target.

  • 2 training balls per pack.
  • Helps to accelerate the Toilet/Potty Training Process.
  • Makes using the toilet fun and interesting.
  • Helps to get children out of nappies faster.
  • Promotes greater hygiene standards in the bathroom, by giving children a point of focus.
  • Works for girls and boys.
  • Made with Hygienilac(R), a patented antibacterial ingredient
  • Each ball lasts for up to 4 weeks.
  • Floats on the surface of the water, inside the toilet bowl and doesn't sink.
  • Can help to reduce nappy expenditure.
  • Great for children and Dads
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