Mountain Buggy + One tandem

Mountain Buggy + One tandem

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The Mountain Buggy + One a tandem or in-line double for use around town or as with all Mountain Buggy's as an All Terrain Buggy. The Bundle includes the buggy, a second seat and a cocoon. The Mountain Buggy + One is only suitable from birth in the back seat when used with the cocoon (part of the package) to around six months so more of a toddler and a new baby on the way buggy, then the cocoon is removed and a second seat (part of the package) is then used.

Please note the front seat only has a very slight recline when used as a tandem, and when the second seat is in place (after baby has out grown the cocoon) the second seat is fixed in the, when used as a tandem for two toddlers the seat are fixed in the upright.

The +One is a great option for twin toddlers or a famaily with a toddler and a new born on the way.

  • Weight 13.5 kg Width 63 cm
  • New Born to around 6 years
  • One new born and one toddler or two toddlers
  • Follow the sun Hood
  • This buggy allows the full use of shopping basket
  • Can also be used with a car seat (extra) in the front seat


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